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Finally! LeBron James, Lakers roll past Suns for elusive first win. It took longer than perhaps most expected, but LeBron James and the new-look Los Angeles Lakers are finally in the win column.终于, 勒布朗·詹姆斯,湖人队击败了太阳队,赢得了难以捉摸的第一场胜利。这花费的时间比大多数人预期的要长,但是勒布朗·詹姆斯和新面孔的洛杉矶湖人队终于进入了胜利的行列。After an angry Luke Walton held nothing back on his teams poor defense at the morning team meeting, the Los Angeles Lakers responded to their coach and rode a dominant second quarter to their first victory of the season.在早晨的球队会议上,愤怒的卢克-沃顿对球队糟糕的防守进行了歇斯底里的教训,洛杉矶湖人队回应了他们的教练,在比赛的第二节打出了统治级别的表现并最终取得了赛季首胜。We could feel his anger, Lance Stephenson told ESPNs Dave McMenamin of Waltons disposition during the morning meeting at the team hotel. We had to get that W.“我们能感觉到他的愤怒,”兰斯·斯蒂芬森告诉ESPN的戴夫·麦克梅纳明,在早上球队酒店的会议上,他谈到了沃顿的这次发脾气。“我们必须得到这场胜利。”In his second consecutive start, Ball continued to look better on both ends of the floor. He is starting to put up some across the board production while also appearing to have worked on his efficiency from the field and free-throw line.在连续的两场首发比赛中,球哥在球场上攻防两端的表现看起来都更好了。他开始在各个方面都有所建树,同时也提高了自己在场上和罚球线上的效率。McGee tallied 20 points ( FG, 3Pt, FT), six rebounds, four blocks, two assists, and one steal in 25 minutes during Wednesdays victory over Phoenix.麦基在这场大胜菲尼克斯太阳的比赛中上场25分钟,砍下了20分(13投8中,三分2中1,罚球6中3),6个篮板,4个盖帽,2次助攻和1次抢断。Stephenson had 23 points ( FG, 3Pt, FT), eight rebounds, eight assists, and two steals in 25 was dominant in the comfortable victory.斯蒂芬森在25分钟内拿下了23分(14投10中,3分2中1,罚球2中2),8个篮板,8次助攻,2次抢断。他在这场比赛中打的游刃有余。

LeBron, a lot to choose from in that game, offence, deffence这场比赛有很多可以问的,进攻方面,防守方面what do you think were the key to winning tonight?你觉得今晚赢球的关键是什么?we stuck to the game plan as close to 48 minutes as possible我们几乎48分钟都在坚决执行比赛计划you know, we came in trying to get them out of their sets我们计划打乱他们的部署we knew, you know if you let a young team like this get comfortable我们知道,如果你让这样一支年轻的球队打得舒服they are going to be very dangerous他们会变得非常危险what they show first game when they played against the Mavericks here就像他们第一场打独行侠那样we was be able to get them out of it我们让他们没打出节奏in the later state of the first quarter在第一节的后半段的时候took it into the second quarter throught all the way into halftime第二节我们继续保持直到中场kept it going throughout the game并全场保持下去you are obviously done a lot in your career在你的职业生涯你已经完成很多功绩how is the feel to get that first win as a Laker?作为湖人球员赢得第一场球,你感觉如何?i feels great, its a win period我感觉很棒,怎么说,这都是一场胜利but it feels good for us to know what we been doing over trainning camp知道我们在训练营所做的总是让人感觉很棒and these first few games以及这开头的几场球continue to get better, i think we gotten better tonight, and we try to continue that going foward保持提升,我觉得我们变得更好了,要一直保持下去what was the difference in the second quarter that help you guys pull away?第二节有什么特别的地方让你们找到状态?we get defence stops, we didnt foul我们做好了防守,没有吹犯规we kept guys out of free throw line没有让对手上罚球线something we have been talking about for a long time这个是我们一直在谈的情况and we share the ball offencely进攻端我们注重传导球Coach talk about the way you guys started the second quarter教练谈到你们开始第二节的状态the defence was really big防守是非常关键的因素yeah, thats what we keep harping on防守是我们一直在谈的事情thats what we will continue harping on throughout the season我们整个赛季都会强调防守our defence approach我们的防守态度we approach the game我们对比赛的态度our physicality, our communication, i think we did that in the second quarter在第二节我们展示的对抗性,我们的沟通能力which allow us to gain that lead going to the halftime让我们在半场的时候取得领先It feels great; its a win, period, said James, who got to rest in the fourth quarter with the Lakers up by as much as 27. But it feels good for us to know what weve been doing over training camp (and) in these first few games to continue to get better.“感觉很好;这是这段时期的第一场胜利,”詹姆斯说,他在第四节湖人领先27分时下场休息。“但我们感觉很好,知道我们在训练营和前几场比赛中都做了些什么,以便能继续变得更好。”Were very talented offensively, James added. But I thinkits always going to start with our defense.“我们在进攻上很有天赋,”詹姆斯补充道。“但我认为总是一切都是从防守开始的。”